If you’re young, broke, and desperately need money, what do you do? Conventional wisdom would indicate that going out and getting a job would be the smart thing to do, but instead some people are taking drastic measures by selling advertising real estate on their skin! People are connecting with advertisers and having temporary tattoos placed on their body with the advertiser’s corporate logo, and apparently it’s making them some decent money.

A new unique online community has been created called LeaseYourBody.com. On the site, you can designate a certain dollar amount that you’ll accept to place a temporary tattoo on your body and then post it to your personal profile. You’ll also designate where you are willing to accept tattoos on your body. Advertisers can then logon, select the candidates they like, submit their ad and make a payment. You’ll then be able to accept or decline the tattoo. If you accept it, the temporary tattoo will be sent to you in the mail and then you verify it with them and you’ll get a check in the mail.

This new community isn’t the first instance of selling advertising real estate on your body. For a while Goodyear was offering a free set of tires to anyone who would get a permanent tattoo! There have also been instances where individuals have contacted companies and gotten a significant chunk of change to get a permanent tattoo on their body.

Getting money for placing temporary tattoos on your body is certainly not for everyone, but if you already have a few tattoos and want to make some extra money, it’s an option