It’s easy for consumers to forget how much research and development goes into the creation of the finished products we eventually buy. Prestone, the makers of a variety of car maintenance products designed for cold winter months, spent more than four and a half years testing a product in freezing weather to see whether or not it would prevent ice from forming on car windshields and windows.  (See video)

 Recently, Prestone sent me a variety of car products to test out so I could report what I found to the readers of American Consumer News. Among the products I was able to try:

  •  Ice & Frost Shield
  • Windshield De-Icer with built-in scraper
  • Windshield Fluid Booster

Each of the products have different purposes. The Ice & Frost shield is meant to be used “the night before” a storm. If you park your vehicle outside, you know what a pain it can be to scrape the ice off the windshield and windows before you can get in and go to work! With the preventer, you just spray it on the windshield and windows before you go in for the night and if it should storm before morning, the preventer will keep ice from building up. You can simply turn on your windshield wipers and push away any snow or condensation without scraping.

 I had a friend try this on his car at work. He works nights. Before heading into work, he sprayed his windshield before going into work and in the morning when his co-workers were scraping at the ice from the night before, he simply got in and drove away (Ice free!)


The De-icer with built-in scraper is a great product for the days that you forget to use the preventer, or for when you are in the store or something and come out to find your car covered in a layer of ice. Spray it on, and the ice will melt enough for you to quickly push it away with the built in scraper on the top of the de-icer bottle. I have not yet had the opportunity to make use of this product, but keep it in my car for the day I might get stuck out in a storm and could use some help removing the ice from my car in order to get home.

 Finally – the windshield fluid booster is a liquid that can be added directly to your washer fluid reservoir. It helps the washer fluid remove light ice and frost, repels build up of dirt and salt from winter road spray and prevents ice from reforming on the windshield while you’re driving.

 If I had a pick a favorite product from these three for my own needs, it would definitely be the Windshield fluid booster. I don’t have to drive in storms very often, since I work from a home office, and I park my car in a garage most of the time. But when I’m driving down the road in the winter, the salt and spray constantly coats my windshield, causing me to have to refill my windshield wiper fluid constantly because I use it so much! The booster helps keep it cleaner, longer.