Next weekend as millions of Americans celebrate Independence Day consumers are reminded of our country’s history. It is without a doubt important to take the time to reflect on our nation’s past, however the future of the country and the economy weighs heavily on most people’s minds. Fortunately we can all do our part to help move the economy in the right direction by simply paying attention to where our products are made.

No one needs to be reminded of the negative consequences of excess spending or living beyond your means. For the first time in decades it appears consumers are finally thinking twice before buying a product or service to gauge how much they need or can afford that purchase. For this reason, now is a great time for Americans to take that awareness one step further and begin looking for products made in the USA.

Some experts argue that encouraging Americans to buy only American made products could actually harm the economy. On the other hand, it would stand to reason that pouring our money into our own businesses would promote economic growth while at the same time providing jobs for American workers. Regardless of the position you take on the subject, more and more Americans are looking for a way to make a difference and buying products made in the USA will likely resonate with the patriot in all of us.

For consumers who have not been paying attention to where their products are made, it may come as a surprise to find that buying American made products is not as easy as one would think. In fact, if you think that you can go to most stores and simply choose between items on the shelf, you will soon discover that American made products are often far and few between. As a result there are many websites on the internet which help consumers find where to buy American made products and how the effort will impact our economy. Websites like or offer visitors the opportunity to view directory listings that outline companies and businesses which sell American made products and services.

One thing consumers must be prepared for in their quest to buy American made products is the fact that in some cases buying USA made items will cost more money than foreign made products. While this is certainly a point that must be considered for individuals or families working with a tight budget, any effort to buy American made products is an effort to support American workers and businesses. In the long run, it is important to remember that someone must buy these products to keep these businesses operating, in turn providing jobs for Americans.