Like any new service serving the public, has produced its share of critics that question how the company operates and how a fair price for the items that the company buys from sellers is determines.  In rare cases, individuals complain of a scam affecting their transaction and the amount of money that they are paid for their electronic items.  Although these complaints represent a small percentage of the individuals that use or have used the service, it is important to understand what the complaints are and what the responses have been.

The most common scam complaint is that the company does not pay the quoted price for the items that are shipped to them.  Instead of the amount quoted when the seller entered the product information into the database and printed out the shipping label, the person receives notification of a reduction in the amount that will be paid after the items have been shipped to the company.  Some complain that this is unfair and is a breach of trust by the company.

The typical response to this scam complaint is that the amount paid to the seller has been reduced based on inaccuracies in the way the electronic equipment was described when the product information was entered.  Some sellers rate their equipment as being in excellent condition when the items are not pristine or type in the wrong model number for an item.  If there is any discrepancy between what the seller has described and what the inspector at Gazelle views, the information is relayed to the seller via email and the reduced amount disclosed along with the reason for the reduction.

If the seller is not happy with the new quoted amount, they have a set amount of time to respond to the notification and either accept the new quote or ask for their items to be returned to them.  If the seller does not respond within the allotted time frame, the new amount is automatically accepted and the amount is sent to the seller as payment.

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