Since the inception of the new service, many people have wondered, “is legit?’ These individuals wonder how it is possible for a business to make a profit buying old electronics that no one wants if they are not paying the people selling their items much less than the items are worth.  They wonder if the company makes money by ripping people off. makes their money by finding individuals that are interested in purchasing used electronics that others may not want.  There are many individuals that are not concerned with having the latest model of electronics and prefer to pay a lower price for a used item than the full retail price of a new item.  The price that is paid to the seller by is based on current market demand for the items that the seller is attempting to sell, making the prices paid by legit market prices.

Some people wonder, “is legit?” because the company would not give them a price for the items that they wanted to sell.  If there is no current market demand for the items that the seller is attempting to sell, then will not make a monetary offer for the item.  Instead, the company extends an offer to safely recycle the item if the seller will ship the item to their facility.

Some items cannot be resold due to the condition of the item.  If the condition of the item received by is not as stated by the seller, then the company reserves the right to reevaluate the amount that they are paying the seller for the item and will notify the seller of this change by email.  Once the seller has received notification of the changed price, they have a set amount of time to respond and either accept or reject the new offer.  If no communication is received by the deadline, the offer is assumed to be accepted and payment is issued for the items sent in by the seller.

Cash In Your Old Gadgets