If you need quick cash, advertisements for a payday loan may be looking pretty tempting right about now, because let’s face it, being broke sucks. But were you aware of the many alternatives to payday loans? There are plenty of options to make a quick buck out there without having to get a loan. After all, this is America, the land of opportunity.

One option to make some quick money has always been to sell some valuables such as jewelry, electronics, computers, your car stereo, bicycles, furniture, tools, and musical instruments. Whatever you do though, don’t sell the equipment you use to make a living.

You can pawn just about anything of value by either selling it outright or getting a small loan at the pawn shop. If you decide not to sell it directly, you will have a designated amount of time to pay it off, at which time you will get your item back.

One of the biggest problems however with this method is that the pawn shop will NEVER give you what the item is actually worth. This is because it would be impossible for them to make money if they did because their business is to resell these used items.

Another alternative to get quick cash besides pay day loans is through the internet if you can get online. If you do not have an internet connection where you live there is always the public library which I have found to be a great environment.

To make money online there are a number of resources such as networking sites and public forums like Facebook, and Craig’s List. You could post on an old boss’s wall that you are looking for more work or make a public post of exactly what kind of extra work you are after.

This may sound silly, but it cannot hurt to try. You might just find the gig of your dreams.
You could also find interesting quick gigs on Craig’s List such as someone needing a ride to the grocery store in exchange for ten dollars, or offering money for something you may possess.

In order to make some fast cash and avoid a payday loan you must be resourceful and innovative, which a lot of people are not comfortable with these days. Sometimes it is easier just to take the loan while other times you may find the motivation for an alternative.