Saving money doesn’t have to be hard. And we’re talking about real money. None of this re-using coffee grounds or using toilet paper instead of facial tissues, which at best will save pennies. Try these techniques to enjoy some real savings.

Take leftovers to work for lunch. Going out for lunch these days almost always will require you to spend at least about $8, in addition to gasoline. That’s $40 a week you could be pocketing – sounds even better when you realize it adds up to more than $150 extra a month.

Refinance your mortgage. Rates are really low right now, and you might be able to cut how much you pay every month. There’s really no downside to looking into this.

Shop your home and car insurance. If you’ve been with the same home and car insurance providers for years, maybe it’s time to investigate whether you could save by changing providers. Check out a website such as to see whether you can get a better rate for home insurance. And many providers promise savings of up to 20% when you bundle home and auto insurance with the same provider.

Pay your bills on time. You’ll save big time on late fees if you pay everything on time. This is especially true on credit cards, when interest rates can escalate after a late payment. Consider automating your bill paying. It will save time as well.

Consider dropping your landline phone. Do you use your landline? Can you envision a circumstance where you’ll need it? Then why not drop it? You could save hundreds of dollars a year.

Yard sales. You might be able to find things you need by being patient and nosing around yard sales in your general neighborhood. And you might be able to sell stuff you aren’t using and pick up more money than you think. Baby clothing and other baby items – such as books – always go pretty quickly. So does furniture.

Unplug. You can save more than you think by unplugging appliances, chargers and electronics when you aren’t using them. Many continue to use electricity even when powered down. Having power strips can make this easier to accomplish.

Following these tips should generate some real savings around your household, even if they require some time and effort to implement. Otherwise, you can stick with the penny-ante savings: Eat a snack before shopping or add vinegar and herbs to that almost empty mayonnaise jar to make salad dressing. It’s up to you.