We finally opted for the coveted trip to Japan and it is finally a reality; the sensation that you have is that you find yourself on the streets of a big city studded with signs with colorful characters, after all that walking that makes you very hungry, but how do you navigate? It is not only about the sushi since you live here in the land of the rising sun, the locals eat it less often than we think, and then here is an address of a Japanese restaurant to go to eat without fail especially if you are traveling during the winter and you feel like a hot plate.

It is a chain of restaurants (with premises also in China and Thailand) its name is Curry House CoCo Ichybanya, there you will find dishes of curry nippon style, which usually provide a composition of white rice with sauce and meat breaded cut sliced ​​and served with additional sauces. The curry is relatively young in Japan (it was introduced less than two centuries ago) but it is very popular in local cuisines, the advantage here is that your CoCo customizes the dish so you can taste it, because you can decide the degree of hotness (from 1 to 5 ), the type of rice and vegetables that you like. If this seems like a weird restaurant for you then here is a good guide on the weirdest dishes.